2022 recruitment announcement for international talents-凯发k8娱乐

2022 recruitment announcement for international talents-凯发k8娱乐
2022 recruitment announcement for international talents
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i.introduction to the university


guangdong university of foreign studies (“gdufs”) is a major international university, one of the key higher education institutions “to be developed into high-standard universities” in guangdong province. it is an important base in south china for cultivating talents with a global vision and for research of foreign languages and cultures, foreign economic relations and trade and international strategies. it also hosts the secretariat of the “asian university presidents forum (aupf)”.gdufs is a partner institution of the united nations university outreach program for training high-end translators and interpreters in china, an associate member of the conférence internationale permanente d’instituts universitaires de traducteurs et interprètes (ciuti) and the international federation of translators (fit), a member of the international association of conference interpreters (aiic), and a un mou university. it is also the secretariat of the national steering committee for postgraduate education in translation and the secretariat of the china national committee for bti education of the ministry of education, a founding unit of the world interpreter and translator training association (witta), and the only foreign languages institution selected for the "asian campus" program initiated by leaders of china, japan and south korea.

currently, gdufs has more than 20,000 full-time undergraduates, more than 4,000 doctoral and master’s degree students, over 30,000 adult undergraduates, advanced training students and foreign students. it has nearly 100 long-term foreign teachers and teachers from hong kong, macao and taiwan (collectively referred to as “international teachers”).

gdufs is located in guangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in china and the economic center of south china. the university has four campuses, namely the north campus located at the northern foot of the baiyun mountain in guangzhou, the south campus located in the guangzhou higher education mega center, the dalang campus located in dalang village of guangzhou, and the knowledge city campus located in the sino-singapore guangzhou knowledge city.

gdufs has developed a “two-wheel drive” discipline structure consisting of foreign language disciplines and non-foreign language disciplines, enabling coordinated and sustainable development of multi-disciplinary and multilingual disciplines, with 25 teaching schools and 1 independent college (south china business college). there are 67 undergraduate programs in eight disciplines: literature, economics, management, law, engineering, science, education, and art.

gdufs is one of the first universities in china to carry out the appointment of international teachers to academic posts based on evaluation of their qualifications and performance so that international teachers working at gdufs can apply for appointment to different academic positions by using the university's assessment and appointment system. the university has set up research projects for foreign teachers and encourages them to apply for funding for research projects and attend international conferences. it has also set up the "excellent international teachers award" to honor international teachers with excellent teaching results and outstanding performance. the "international teachers' home" activity room was set up to provide a humanized and comfortable working and living environment. in this activity room, we hold regular work-related training, cultural experience activities, and free chinese language classes for international teachers.

ii. basic requirements for recruitment


(1) long-term foreign teachers to be hired must in principle be younger than 60 years of age, in good health, with no criminal record and no outstanding legal disputes or cases. according to the "classification standards for foreigners working in china (for trial implementation)" issued by the state administration of foreign experts, elite foreign talents (class a) are not subject to age and work experience restrictions.

(2) international teachers must abide by chinese laws and regulations and the university's rules and regulations, be friendly to china, fully respect traditional chinese culture and customs, respect the guidelines and policies of the communist party of china, and refrain from carrying out missionary work illegally during teaching or on any other occasion.

(3) long-term international teachers to teach non-language professional courses should generally have a master's degree or higher or a lecturership or higher, be familiar with the latest developments in their academic field, and have had experience in carrying out research and academic discipline development. long-term international teachers to teach language skills courses should have at least a bachelor's degree, at least two years of teaching experience in a higher education institution, and high attainments in their own language and literature.

(4) international teachers should have a serious and responsible professional attitude, be able to complete the work tasks of their employing unit with outstanding performance and achieve appropriate results.

iii. recruitment positions, number of posts and specific conditions


please refer to the attached job information sheet for details.

iv. recruitment method


please contact the email noted on the attached job list to submit your resume.

v. remuneration

the remuneration can be negotiated according to the applicant's qualifications and experience.

the university provides free on-campus housing with basic furniture and electrical appliances; it also provides social security, medical insurance and accident insurance for foreign teachers.children of foreign teachers have the opportunity to study in schools affiliated to gdufs.



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