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kevin mclaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin

I currently work as a Senior Lecturer in Primary Education at Bishop Grosseteste University Lincoln. Before that, I taught in Primary Schools for twenty years and also worked as a Deputy Head teacher in England and Spain.

I am also a Google Certified Innovator , Google Certified Trainer and Apple Distinguished Educator.

In recognition of my work with technology to improve teaching and learning, I was awarded ALT ‘Learning Technologist of the Year 2010′ Award presented by Association for Learning Technology.

I have also spoken at many conferences around the UK including The Education Show, BETT and The Telegraph Festival of Education.

What I can do with you and your school
I am interested in looking at ways to use technology to enhance teaching and learning. You may have recently purchased new technology and need advice on how to utilise it effectively, perhaps you have a bank of laptops and/or iPads that require a more thoughtful and inspiring approach. I can work with you and your staff to develop a forward thinking and creative approach to using technology to improve teaching and learning successfully in your school.

I am also keen on developing a research based approach in schools that will benefit teachers and students alike. In my role as a Senior Lecturer in Primary Education, I have access to a wealth of research and evidence based approaches that can benefit your school. We can discuss your current pedagogical practice and work together to improve it. I can advise on workload matters and help you develop approaches that will improve well being, teaching and learning whilst still meeting the demands of an Ofsted inspection.

If you would like to work with me, or just want to find out a little more information, please get in contact using the following form.


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