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The depressed teacher

For many years I have been recognised, in the main, as an 'outstanding teacher' by my peers, the LA and Ofsted. I learned from my errors, I listened to advice from those more experienced and I strove to improve my pedagogy through CPD and reading literature. In September 2012 I was recognised as an 'outstanding' teacher, one of only two in the school, by Ofsted yet only one month later I was deemed 'requires improvement' by the newly appointed headteacher. Why? What happened to my teaching? Where did I go wrong? How could I have let this happen? I questioned it yet found the reply insane- I didn't meet the new observation checklist. A descent into ill health and depression followed with two emergency visits to A&E with suspected heart attacks.

It's been a long time coming but I feel ready to tell this side of my teaching career so that others may recognise the signs and do something about it. My first visit to A&E happened during 2014. The atmo…

Favourite education blogger posts of 2017

2017 has been quite a year for Education bloggers. These posts have questioned my beliefs in education, they have informed me and made me think. Best of all, they have caused a ripple in Education in England. A ripple that that demonstrates schools can do things differently whilst achieving fantastic outcomes for their students and improved well-being for their staff.

'The scourge of motivational posters and the problem with pop psychology in the classroom' written by Carl Hendrick exposes the seemingly well intentioned increase of such posters in schools and  whether they may be doing more harm than good.

Memory not memories - teaching for long term learning written by Clare Sealy, asks the question 'Does the best learning result from memorable experiences?' and examines episodic and semantic memory to get to the answer. An essential read. 
Brain Drain: The Mere Presence of One’s Own Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity a paper written by Adrian F. Ward, Kris…