Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Google Classroom - what I'm hoping to achieve

In case you've missed it, Google Classroom is now open to all Google Apps for Education domains. I am aiming to have it set up and ready to be used by two classes this term and also with my Coding Club. There are many blog posts already written about setting up Google Classroom so I'm not going to go into that, what I do want to look at is whether or not it will be an effective tool for teachers and students. 

Classroom is designed to help teachers create and assign work for students that are part of their Classroom. Drive folders are automatically created for every student which keeps work in an easy to find order. Teachers can also see who has started work and who is yet to begin. Along with the collaborative power that Drive gives users, Classroom becomes an incredibly useful addition to the Google Apps experience. As it is rolled out to teachers in my school I will ask them to complete a Form to provide feedback about what they find useful and what might need to be changed. Google is listening to teachers using this tool so the more real world feedback they receive the better the product will ultimately become.

I don't want Classroom to become another place for students to find even more work to complete so work assigned by teachers should not be replicated on paper elsewhere nor be in addition to paper based work. Classroom should become a place where collaborative learning can take place outside of school, where children using Classroom can work together on activities that they learned during school and want to improve on whilst at home. I'm hoping I can convince the teachers using it that this could be a better way of using it and could open up our Peer Tutoring program even further.