Friday, April 11, 2014

Elizabeth Truss speaks about improving teaching

For umpteenth years, teachers have complained again and again about not being able to teach due to the many conditions imposed upon them by government, local authorities, the nonsense excuse that is ‘What Oftsed expects’ and their very own SMT. Teachers have had their professionalism ripped from them by bureaucracy, politics and SMT fears thus creating the predicament we find ourselves in today - teaching by numbers, by box ticking, by Performance Management Expectations, by SMT created policies and all of these overseen by the nonsense excuse ‘What Ofsted expects”. 

Yesterday, Education Minister Liz Truss gave every teacher in the country hope, hope that they could once again be professional, hope that they could teach without adhering to ridiculous SMT enforced policies such as APP, hope that they could once again be teachers not part of some caged monkey pressing buttons manufacturing line.

Her speech can be read in full here. It has been met with agreement and disbelief. I see hope in her message, others view it with fear and suspicion. She does emphasise the use of textbooks and the purchasing of such textbooks from government approved providers, this in itself has caused much anguish but at no time does she say that this is the preferred teaching model. She mentions the mastery of Maths and thank goodness for that as Maths today has become a consultant’s brew of confusing ideas, methods and explanations. She wants schools to take the initiative and create assessment models that work for their children, this has been met with derision and fear - ‘

how will we compare results across the country!!! How can we ensure consistency with other schools!!!  We’ll end up with 100’s of different assessment models!!! 

How can we arrgghhhhh!!!!!!……’

Get a grip.

This speech has given us everything we have wanted - the authority to teach as we see fit. 

And we reply with fear.

GET A GRIP. It's a speech that gives us the power to once again be teachers. We need to take this initiative. If we don’t, we will continue to be seen as a profession that has no idea what it’s doing and better off caged and ticking boxes.