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A tune for 2014

Here's a simple idea for 2014. If you're an educator that also plays an instrument or sings then how about help creating a tune (or tunes) for 2014? Sign up below to let me know if you're interested and I'll start sorting it out. It's a bit like +David Mitchell's (@deputymitchell) #quadblogging although this will be with educators who happen to play instruments/sing/are into music.

Get out clause - if you wish to remain anonymous you can remain anonymous please feel free to do so. If you need a great anonymous service to capture your musical inspiration I suggest vocaroo
Record your track and share the link here or on Twitter using #2014tune

General idea for #2014tune

Get involved by completing the form below
Discover your group
Share your original track with your group - this could be as simple as a tune hummed, recorded and shared to a full blown, studio produced track
Decide which track works best
Develop your tune by adding tracks using whatever means you t…

Thoughts after a first term teaching in Early Years

"Mr McLaughlin, when I came into your class I couldn't read really good but now I can read really good" A child in my class told me this during the last week of my first term in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). I started teaching EYFS in September having only ventured into the age group previously as either a visitor or observer. When I was offered the opportunity to teach in EYFS back in May I jumped at it as I had always wanted to teach in this age group. My expectations have been surpassed as I have found teaching in EYFS to be the best learning experience I have had as a teacher.

Children enter EYFS at 4 years old, some have just turned 4 whilst others are just turning 5. The age difference may seem minimal but in terms of life and learning experiences it is vast, much more apparent than in other age groups I have taught. From holding a pencil using the preferred tripod grip to writing their name, sounding out a letter to reading a simple sentence, recognisi…

Ofsted before Christmas

Image from Wikimedia
Ofsted before Christmas based on "A Visit from St Nicholas" by Clement Clarke Moore
Twas the night before Christmas, when all round the land Teachers were livid no time in their hands Their assessments were due, SMT wouldn’t wait And they’d better be good or they’d meet their fate
Their students were hoping for Christmas instead Michael Gove ended that, “Rigour” he said “and facts and more facts” were the only things true thatteachers should teach so start learning them through
When outside the school there arose such a clatter Yet no one looked round to see what’s the matter Due to LO’s and feedback and keeping the pace of the learning that Ofsted wanted in place
The Head sauntered out to find out the fuss