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Apps for younger children - lestroiselles has got you covered

It can be quite difficult to find apps that meet the needs of a teacher and younger child - the teacher wants an app that ensures the child is learning something from using it, the child wants an app that's fun to use. So teachers have to scour the app store for suitable apps, they visit educational app related websites or they go on recommendations from colleagues, friends and social networking. Hence my Early Years apps recommendations for this month.

The following apps are all from the same developer, Les Trois Elles. I had been searching for suitable age related apps for the Early Years classroom and I came across more misses than hits, that is until I came across Lestroiselles and their Montessori based apps. There are 7 apps, most of which meet the needs of an Early Years child - writing, reading, identifying numbers, calculations, shapes and even animation are some of the areas these apps cover.

Letter sounds, Letter sounds (French), Numberland, 1st Operations, Montessori M…