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Do schools unwittingly stifle imagination and creativity?

My first week in Foundation Stage has been a great beginning in my Early Years journey. I have been amazed at the creative imaginations that young children have compared to their elder peers further up in the primary stage, so much so it's made me think just what is it that stifles those incredible, imaginative and creative minds.

I observed children creating worlds from a corner of an empty room, attacking a blank page with no hesitation or fear and filling it with beautiful imagery, talking out loud and singing in front of their class, asking pertinent questions and giving wonderful answers, telling stories, giving explanations, using reasoning, trying without fear of making a mistake.

These observations are just a few of the many eye openers I've seen; I will no doubt witness more and continue to contemplate why children and their imaginations are being stifled in Primary school.

Creativity is like finding a corner in a round room, it's there if you use your imaginatio…

Stepping into the early years

Tomorrow I start a new journey in my teaching and learning career - I begin at the start, in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), aka Kindergarten. My experience of teaching in this age group is limited yet I have always been interested in the teaching and learning that happens in this age group, so much so that I used ideas for my own personalised learning approaches.

I start this new chapter filled with excitement for the year ahead. I have already started to follow many excellent EYFS teachers on Twitter and Pinterest so that I can 'get my head round' early years teaching and learning. My blog will no doubt see a change as posts relate more to what I discover during the months ahead.