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Piaget..wasn't he a woman?

I've been a teacher for 17 years. I was unleashed onto the teaching world back in 1996 after a 4 year Primary Education course at university. The course was mainly theory with smatterings of classroom based teaching thrown in. My only recollection of the theory side was someone called Piaget. I usually got through one lecturer's sessions with headphones on as the theory was so dull.

Judging by this you would be safe if you came to the conclusion that I never listened at university, and to be honest I never usually did. Yet I'm a damn good teacher for the very opposite reason - I do listen.

I listen to those that are the most important to my teaching.

I listen to my class.

Can Mozilla Webmaker tools meet new Computing curriculum requirements?

Can it meet new Computing requirements?
Today I finally completed my first html web 'quarter-page' using the brilliant Thimble tool of the Mozilla Webmaker site after signing up for an account over 1 month ago. It wasn't difficult to create the basics of the page as there is a wealth of information on the Webmaker site; if you wish you can be lead through the more intricate webpage building using CSS, I'll leave that for the summer holiday. The Webmaker site also includes Popcorn Maker which I haven't used yet but gives users the power to remix audio, video and image content found on the web.