Friday, April 5, 2013

Angry Birds in the classroom

I have used Angry Birds with my class on a few occasions and have always found it to be an excellent resource for lesson ideas, teaching and learning. We have used it in class as a basis to design our own levels based on the game, construct these with card and tubes, test and play them. 

The enthusiasm and engagement in these activities have always been intense, so intense that the classes never wanted to go to break, nor lunch, nor use the ICT suite! 
With careful structure and thought in planning you too will realise how powerful games for learning can be in the classroom.

Ideas for use in your classroom.

Speaking and listening skills are developed as children discuss the design of their lives
Explanations (describe how the level was designed)
Instructions (how to play/solve their level)
Story writing
Viewpoints (what is it like from the Pigs point of view)
Planning/researching a game
Designing the level
Selecting material
Constructing the game level
Testing the game
Improving from feedback

There are options for further learning using the game in Geography (design and draw a map of the Angry Birds world), Science (forces, gravity, habitats), PE (design and create an Angry Birds obstacle course), Social Ed (living together, different viewpoints)