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Google Glass in the classroom

Google Glass (Image from Google Glass site)

Google Glass appears in some eyes to be yet another 'shiny device' that schools and education consultants/sellers will jump on and proclaim as the next great device for education. I haven't seen Google Glass apart from the media presented online but I think the naysayers will get this one wrong. 
Education is littered with revolutionary and/or evolutionary technological devices:

A decade of iTunes in a timeline

Image from 9to5Mac
There are plenty of great timelines and timeline creation tools available on the internet. Schools use them, kids love them and we all learn from them. History is given a fantastic visual platform to work its magic. So when I saw this timeline from iTunes today I immediately added to my Springpad and have shared it with a few teachers already.
iTunes changed the face of music, there's no argument there whether you like the app or not. Apple have created a fantastic timeline of the iTunes platfromfrom its official launch back in 2003 up to the present day. It includes notable dates in each year and, of course, links to the top 10 selling songs of every year since its launch. 
The information provided is easy to use in a classroom and would give children a great starting point to create timelines that are not just based on wars, kings and queens.
Check out the timeline by visiting this link which will open in iTunes itself.

Google + integrates with Blogger

Earlier today Blogger brought a much anticipated feature to its blogging platform with the integration of Google+ with the comments section of every blogger site. 
It's simply stunning. However. There is only one slight issue regarding this integration. Comments are only allowed from those that either have a Google+ profile or Google+ page. Whilst this may prove unpopular with some readers who will no doubt refrain from commenting due to having neither it should also mean less spam.
Find out more on the Blogger Buzz page.

Angry Birds in the classroom

I have used Angry Birds with my class on a few occasions and have always found it to be an excellent resource for lesson ideas, teaching and learning. We have used it in class as a basis to design our own levels based on the game, construct these with card and tubes, test and play them. 
The enthusiasm and engagement in these activities have always been intense, so intense that the classes never wanted to go to break, nor lunch, nor use the ICT suite!  With careful structure and thought in planning you too will realise how powerful games for learning can be in the classroom.
Ideas for use in your classroom.