Friday, March 8, 2013

How would you design a school?

Image by Jade 
Picture this - you have the power to design a school, what would it look like? Would it have classrooms? What would they look like? 

Some of these questions were asked by Graham Brown-Martin at the TEDxEastEnd Event in London, October 2012. They are as relevant today as they were in October 2012 and they will continue to have relevance for as long as there are schools. 

Here is the presentation he gave at the event. 



How would I design a school? 

I would remove timetables.
I would remove the insistence on detailed planning.
I would remove walls and have an open plan, free flowing learning environment.
I would have teachers able to teach and not be restricted by management to follow checklists.
I would ensure children are involved in their learning and learning revolves around them, not what's best for the school.
I would involve parents and community further.
I would share everything we discovered so others can benefit.
I would have no timetables, no planning, no scrutinies. 
I would foster professionalism and trust and push every teacher to teach according to the strengths.
Teachers would be teachers not robots delivering stale curriculums.

These are a few thoughts and more are no doubt in my mind. Contest them as you see fit.