Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Twitter hiatus

There be light image by taylorschlades
I've been an avid Twitter user for 6 years. I found this out yesterday when some tweetbot messaging service tweeted me about it. So I've decided to acknowledge this 'milestone' by not using Twitter for the next 6 months. 

It's also got me thinking about why we shouldn't use Twitter. It's an incredibly useful platform, don't get me wrong but there comes a time when you just need a break. Here's why.

1. It can take over your life - think about it, when you wake in the morning and reach for your Smartphone do you check Twitter first? Do you do the same last thing at night before going to bed? It's happened to me on occasion and if you take it to the extreme, some people need their daily tweet fix to see them through the day.

2. You use Twitter to check up on the news not a news site - yep, it happens, it happens regularly. Which is why media outlets have a huge presence on Twitter so they too can pick up on the news as it happens wherever it happens, instantly. News sites? So last century.

3. It's 140 characters, decent conversations can't be had with so few characters.

4. Blogs are slowly losing out - I've found that plenty of users I follow have blogs. They will tweet  a link to a latest blog post, their Twitter followers will check it out and reply. But not on the blog, they reply on Twitter. Every reply on Twitter is eventually lost in the timeline unless it's been hashtagged, but then that shortens the conversation even further.

5. You will eventually get to that stage on Twitter where you think if you don't check often you will miss out on something and that is sad.

I'll spend my Twitter time focusing on reading and replying to blog posts, I'll relish in what bloggers have to say, dissect it over time and not worry that something has passed me by. 

Note - I will make every attempt to ensure 3rd party apps don't post on my unknown behalf, if they do, ignore them.