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My Top Tech of 2012

Even though there are a few days remaining, 2012 has been a fantastic year for technology  in teaching and learning. And what better way to celebrate it than to give you my top tech of 2012. This list, which has no particular order, demonstrates the technology I have found to be the most effective for raising standards in teaching and learning.

  • Airserver is an over the air receiver for Macs and PC's giving you a similar experience you would get with an Apple TV but for a fraction of the price. It has been indispensable in my classroom and will remain to be so.
  • Edmodo has been a firm favourite for the past 2 years and continues to impress me and my class. It fits perfectly into the 'Virtual Learning Environment' category yet costs nothing. Why schools pay for VLE's is beyond me when Edmodo is so much better.
  • The iPad is simply the best tablet device bar none. No other tablet offers as many apps for educational use nor gives users the power to create content as easily. iMovie and GarageBand are two outstanding examples of content creation apps that make iOS devices stand out.
  • Code Academy is genius. Anyone can learn to code through easy to follow, step by step lessons that will have you coding in no time. I intend to make use of this more throughout 2013 with my class.
  • X-Ray Goggles, provided free by Mozilla, lets you see how web pages are put together and lets you tinker with the underlying code. So easy and instantly effective. Great fun and a perfect tool for teaching.
Chrome Web Apps 

  • Chrome web apps have really lit up my class this year. Math, English, Geography, Music, History, Art, Science: every subject is catered for and the apps are perfect for teaching and learning.
  • Google + has become an essential part of my daily excursion into what's happening across the world of education and technology, hangouts have been improved and are fast becoming a perfect communication tool for groups across the world.
  • Raspberry Pi is a 'cheap, accessible, programmable computer' that has made my class go 'WOW!' It's a stunning device that has so much promise. 2013 will be the year it makes inroads into many more schools.
  • Skitch is the perfect screen capture annotation tool that has now become integrated with Evernote. I have been using it since it came out as a beta tool and it has always been my first choice for capturing images.
  • My last  is not technology in the hardware sense but without him I would miss so many great ideas, tips and suggestions for using technology in the classroom. My last top tech for 2012 belongs to Tim Rylands and his fantastic contribution to teachers and learners everywhere on his blog. It is a wealth of magic and a perfect starting point for any teacher looking for that extra something for their classroom.

I'll look forward to hearing about your own top tech list for 2012.


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