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Moving from to Blogger

image courtesy of nancyr478
I have moved my blog which I have hosted using to its new home, here on Blogger. Why? What on earth possessed you? What have you done to my feeds!!! Well, the reasons for the move are quite straightforward.

Why I moved from Wordpress.Org

  • is a stunning platform that encapsulates all the best there is for a serious or even novice blogger, but for me it was just too much. Too many choices, too many options to break something
  • Too many plugins that could prove fatal to a blog - install one and see a blog simply disappear which happened to me on more than one occasion
  • It tempts you to tinker under the hood - this is perfect if you want to learn CSS, HTML, how to make widgets do exactly what you want but it can also prove to be a downfall of the platform for some like myself
  • Mobile blogging support is quite pants, for want of a more appropriate word
  • Security was becoming a very big concern
  • I no longer see the point of paying to host my blog and I've gone beyond the 'you don't own your content' argument
Why I moved to Blogger
  • It's a very simple blogging solution
  • You can't break it as much as you can a Wordpress.Org blog
  • Mobile blogging support has a decent app (but could be better i.e. ability to take any content and post it like Posterous can)
  • Security is not really an issue
  • Up time is 99.99%
  • Perfectly integrated into the Google+ social platform which I find very useful
So welcome to my new home. Please update your feeds if you feel you have to and be aware that many of my previous blog's posts are no longer available at this time. At some time in the near future I will write a post detailing the steps I took to move from Wordpress to Blogger. It has been quite eventful.


  1. Have you posted the details? I'm thinking about making the move myself.


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