Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kinect Calculations

A quick post for Sunday. Last week I started using the Kinect system with my XBox in class. I've only got Kinect Adventures but that it has more than enough options for use in many areas of the curriculum.

I used the Reflex Bridge activity to generate the numbers required for our mental calculation work in class. The game can be played by two players which involves lots of jumping, ducking and swerving to avoid oncoming obstacles whilst trying to collect pins. The total for each player is displayed at the end of the game which lasts approximately 3 minutes.

The two 3 digit numbers provide a wealth of mental calculation possibilities.

  • Add both 3 digit numbers together
  • Subtract one 3 digit from the other 3 digit
  • Use the first number's 3 digits to make the highest/lowest number you can
  • Use all the digits to make the highest/lowest number you can
  • Find the total of all the digits
  • Create 5 calculations involving the digits of the first set of digits
  • Add all the digits, if you get a double digit answer add these digits together again, what's the single digit answer?
  • Round the totals up to the nearest 10/100
  • Add both totals together and round to the nearest 10/100
  • Multiply the digits of the first total/second total
The list can go as far as your imagination or the objectives for the year take you.
What ways do you use Kinect Adventures in your class?