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24/7 webcam Science with IPEVO

I recently received an IPEVO Point to View USB web camera and I have been very impressed with its ease of use, sturdiness and image quality. We have been using the webcam quite a bit in class for instant displaying of student work through the projector onto the board and demonstrating activities to the class particularly art based work. The image quality is sharp, clear and colour is excellent. It also shoots in low light conditions which is a bonus and with an autofocusing lens it made sense to use this webcam for our 24/7 Science lab experiment.

Kinect Calculations

A quick post for Sunday. Last week I started using the Kinect system with my XBox in class. I've only got Kinect Adventures but that it has more than enough options for use in many areas of the curriculum.
I used the Reflex Bridge activity to generate the numbers required for our mental calculation work in class. The game can be played by two players which involves lots of jumping, ducking and swerving to avoid oncoming obstacles whilst trying to collect pins. The total for each player is displayed at the end of the game which lasts approximately 3 minutes.

The two 3 digit numbers provide a wealth of mental calculation possibilities.

We do make a difference

Over the last week the teaching profession, which I am proud to be part of, has once again come under attack from the Education Secretary Michael Gove and the Chief of Ofsted Sir Michael Wilshaw. The attacks have been so vile that I wanted to vent my anger and frustration here on my blog. But last night, every word they uttered, every letter printed by the media paled into insignificance when my teaching assistant called me and told me to buy the Leicester Mercury Newspaper and turn to the letters page.

I did and this is what I found.