Friday, February 24, 2012

Education England 2015 - a warning

Here lies Freedom in Education
It's May 2015 and the General Election is upon us in the UK. The last 5 years in Education can only be described as the most destructive ever undertaken. The seismic changes that Sir Michael Gove and Lord Michael Wilshaw (ex Ofsted chief) have imposed upon schools in England from the end of 2011 are only starting to be horribly realised. 
Thousands of teachers have left the profession due to measures that have brought untold misery to millions of learners now subjected to 'teaching to the test' to keep England in the top 5 of the PISA table, and Performance Related Pay, which has failed in its promise to attract the best to the profession, has been the subject of intense scrutiny after it was alleged results were been manipulated to ensure some schools could continue offering the best salaries. Prime Minister Cameron, who survived one attempted leadership battle after his disastrous handling of the Iran crisis in 2012, now faces another as his Tory faithful realise the misjudgement of allowing two ideologues complete control over education in this country.
England may be in the top 5 performers according to PISA, which is itself facing questions over bribery allegations, but this does nothing to alleviate the crisis facing tens of thousands of recent graduates and school leavers who have no prospect of employment due to 'GoveShaw' measures during 2012 to decrease vocational qualifications to less than 20, forcing schools and universities to offer only academic subjects which present employers are no longer interested in.

It doesn't have to be like this. You are a teacher and you know your class.
You know what they require to move them on in their learning, not some government rhetoric.
You know every learner in your class, not some visiting Ofsted inspector who sees them as data.

You are the teacher.

Teach. Lead. Facilitate. Guide. Question. Reason. Listen. Learn.

Be the teacher you know you really are.