Sunday, January 22, 2012

One week with personalised learning

One week has passed with my class using Personal Journey's, each one containing their very own personalised curriculum for the week ahead. Has the week been successful? Has learning improved? Well, one week is far too short to give detailed answers but I can say that personalising the curriculum for every child in my class has been an inspiring journey for me. I have watched in awe at children working their way through their learning, solving problems in pairs, discussing and thinking, coming up with solutions, offering suggestions and advice to their peers. It has confirmed my belief that if we give learners opportunities to follow a personalised approach they will fly.

Personalising a curriculum requires a knowledge of every learner in your class, which is why I wouldn't consider using this approach with a new class at the beginning of their school year. To ensure the approach works you must know every learner and understand their needs. A Personalised Curriculum gives every learner the opportunity to work at their own pace with challenging targets. It encourages collaboration as well as providing opportunities to solve problems individually. The use of a learning document, such as the Personal Journey my class uses, is very important as it focuses the learner throughout the week. Each learner in my class uses their own PJ which is a mix of teacher set targets and their own as you can see in the example below. You can watch a ScreenChomp presentation of me describing another Personal Journey from this link.

Observations after week 1
  • Every child preferred this approach to their learning
  • Every child was on task every day without having to be told
  • Every learner made progress in Numeracy and achieved two targets that I had set them
  • Every learner achieved at least 1 of their own targets
  • Every learner told me they are looking forward to the next week of learning in their Personalised Journey