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Banning Conkers!

Yesterday I asked my head teacher if it would be okay to let my class play conkers to which she answered, 'As long as they don't wear safety goggles!' We played through this morning as part of our school's first 'Conker Championship'. Every child gave their conker a name then I went through most of the established rules with the class before going to the playground. I gave a quick demonstration match with one of my pupils and then everyone started playing. We also had 'official match referees' set up with each pair to assess victories and record strikes made for our Maths data handling activities. You can find out more on our Official Conker Championship blog. The experience was fantastic, for the class and for myself. We had a great morning learning about playing a game most of us adults played when we were children. Some of the children had played before but for many it was their first time so needed to be shown how to hold and strike their conkers. The…

Google Certified Teacher

I am now a Google Certified Teacher and I hope that what I have learned from the GTAUK this week will be of practical use to many other people across the UK and further afield. The Google Teacher Academy was an explosively inspirational event where the only word that could truly encapsulate the tools, ideas and presentations was 'Awesome'. I will be blogging about the event, about what I learned, about the discovery of new tools and ways to use Google apps/Apps in your school. But for now I intend to reflect on everything I have learned, I have soaked up so much. If you want to get a taste of what it was like be sure to check out the Posterous blog and also the Flickr pool


Posterous - a blog can be for a week

Posterous allows anyone to post whatever they wish (photos, videos, mp3's, files and of course text) by email and posterous will take care of the rest. But, set up an account and you can take advantage of so much more. During this week my school is using the theme of 'International Week' to promote cultural awareness and our place in the world. I set up internatweek on Posterous as a blogging platform that could be used quickly and easily by the children in my class. The children are using it to blog about their learning, post photos with my iPhone using the brilliant PicPosterous app, record interviews with each other using Easi Speak mics and upload them to the site and embed a Google Earth Map showing where we come from.
Posterous is the perfect blogging platform for Primary classrooms. It's simple to set up, easy to use and within minutes you are blogging to the world. And it's perfect for short term projects such as our week long activity.Blogs don't have t…