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Green screen on Windows XP Movie Maker

Last night I attended the very successful #TMETRU09 online flash meeting which was also been shown on JustinTV and followed on Twitter using the same hashtag. Read about it here.
My presentation (blogged about by Kathy Schrock)was the use of Green screen in iMovie'09 which led to many people enquiring about a similar effect in Windows for Movie Maker. Doug Belshaw posted a link in the FlashMeeting and also explained to have a look through Google to find how; so I did.
Here's the easiest to follow guide I have found and also a YouTube video demonstrating the principle. I'll definitely give it a go and let you know how it works. By the way, from what I gather it's best to use a well lit blue screen and not a green screen on MovieMaker. Steps to take to get Chroma Key (Green screen effect) in Windows Movie Maker

The easiest Green Screen for iMovie explanation ever

Teachmeet's are a fantastic opportunity for those that know about using tech in education to demonstrate their uses to others. The EdTechRoundUp TeachMeet edition (#TMETRU09) is special in that it will be entirely online - through a flash meeting and video presentations that will be streamed on justintv.
My presentation is about using the green screen effect in iMovie09 for a Mac. Unfortunately this may mean that many other teachers may not be able to use this as they don't have a Mac. But for those that do I'm sure you will find my presentation useful and perhaps give you ideas how to use it with your class.  It's a mere 2 minutes. Let me know what you think.

Give them the tools, let them create

Over the past few weeks I have been teaching my class film making techniques and encouraging them to go off and create a short film of their own. One group decided to create an animated short based on a very simple idea of two characters playing games. I helped the group develop the idea along with a storyboard and editing but they did everything else - filming frame by frame using 'I Can Animate from Kudlian Soft', Windows Movie Maker and some natural sunlight (we didn't have any other lighting unfortunately). The 2 minute short is a wonderful demonstration of student creativity.
Give them the tools, teach them how to use them and let them create.

Green screen in iMovie 09

This week my class have been film making and they are really enjoying the experience. I recapped the use of story boards and after demonstrating the use of Windows Movie Maker (and warning them that it might crash constantly) I pointed them towards this wonderful site from the BBC called me and my movie for extra tips on camera shots, lighting, story boards and editing.
As the class worked on their story boards I noticed that they all wanted sfx such as scenery and sound. That's when I remembered that iMovie'09 on the Mac can put Green screen effects onto a movie. What this means is that you can change the background of a video clip to any other background as long as the first clip is shot in front of a green screen. I thought that obtaining a green screen would be expensive but I decided, 'Why not try bright green poster paper?'I did and the effect has been more than I could have hoped for. Here's a short video demonstrating it. If you want to do this yourself then …